Investors Overview

Since the discrediting of the polygraph a large market for accurate truth verification and lie detection has been largely untapped. The current estimation of this market, conservatively based on the peak market demand for polygraph testing in the mid-1980s, is $3.6 billion.
However it is likely the technology used by No Lie MRI, Inc. will be able to expand the market well beyond this level. For one, world population has increased considerably since the mid-1980s. More importantly, the accuracy of No Lie MRI™ software is near-perfect, a level never attained by any other technology. With such a high rate of accuracy it is expected more people will endeavor to use this technology.
Corporate Entitities and Relationships
“No Lie MRI™” is the patent pending product that objectively and reliably measures intent, prior knowledge, and deception with proprietary fMRI human brain mapping techniques developed from recent advances in neuroscience.

“VeraSource” is a division of No Lie MRI, Inc. that is developing the current No Lie MRI™ software. This group is also exploring new technologies for detecting other types of deception, as well as other applications covered under the Langleben patent.

“VeraCenter” is the brand name for independently owned or licensed business centers where truth verification interviews employing an MRI and the No Lie MRI™ software can be conducted.

“Veracity Sciences” is a division of No Lie MRI, Inc. focusing on developing implementation and application of No Lie MRI™ software for use by the U.S. military, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and foreign governments.
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