Process Overview

Process Overview
It will take approximately 5 minutes for the attending technician to position an interviewee in the MRI machine prior to beginning the interview. Note that the technician need have no knowledge of the interviewee or the content of the interview.

Then the first 5 minutes of an interview will be used to establish a structural map of the participant's brain. After that functional MRI (fMRI) data will be gathered by asking the interviewee a series of questions. The data for both the structural MRI and the fMRI are then sent to VeraSource via the Internet for an analysis of results to be run on the data.

Interviews will be conducted at licensed business centers called VeraCenters that have access to an MRI machine. Each VeraCenter will have a connection via the Internet to the VeraSource to access No Lie MRI™ software. The client is charged in advance for the time on the MRI machine and the time for use of the No Lie MRI™ software. The revenue is split between No Lie MRI and the VeraCenter.

The combination of the No Lie MRI™ software and sharing of the data with VeraSource over the Internet is what enables the high accuracy and real-time turnaround of results back to the interviewer.
Currently the only known limitations to the technology developed by No Lie MRI are:
  • Individuals can not have metal inside their body
  • Individuals can not be claustrophobic
  • Individuals can not be brain damaged
  • Individuals can not move around during the MRI scanning process
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