Product Benefits

Truth verification enhances
  • Trust and cooperation
  • Cost avoidance due to uncertainty
  • Added value via reduced risk rates
Trusting Individuals
Liars benefit from their skills at the expense of other individuals or groups. It is estimated that at least one out of three conversations involve a lie, and that 5% of the population are what is referred to as “seamless” liars or “natural” liars. (Such individuals have more brain volume devoted to lie construction and this can be detected.) Individuals or subgroups often cheat other individuals or larger groups when they perceive a high return against the risk taken. The threat of lie detection changes the risk/reward calculation carried out by those persons contemplating lying. As the threat of detection increases, so does the risk associated with lying and the risk/reward valuation decreases.
Legal Systems
Legal battles often revolve around unsubstantiated claims that cannot be proven by hard evidence. In legal cases, NO LIE MRI will enable objective, scientific evidence regarding truth verification or lie detection to be submitted in a similar manner to which DNA evidence is used.
Business Valuation
Investors discount future cash flows, resulting in lower perceived net present values of possible investments due to the potential of deception from unverifiable claims made by corporate officers of potential investment. These corporate officers could receive higher valuation of the potential investment by lowering the risk to the potential investors. NO LIE MRI increases value by reducing risk through mental verification. Presently, the investing public is distrustful of corporate CEOs and accounting firms.
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